Wastewater drainage has been solved completely in the settlement of Sucuraj, while the project of drainage of the central part of the island of Hvar (Jelsa - Vrboska - Stari Grad) has been implemented for ten years.

A good part of the main collectors and pumping stations has been built and a part of the old mixed channels of the secondary network in Jelsa and Stari Grad has been rehabilitated. The coastal collector in Jelsa has been put into temporary function, and this is expected in the Old Town until the tourist season of 2015.

Completion of construction of all drainage facilities of the agglomeration Jelsa - Vrboska - Stari Grad, including secondary local networks, treatment plants and submarine discharges is expected by 2020. The construction will be financed from the development fee and EU accession funds, and the necessary studies and projects are currently being prepared.

Request for connection to the public sewerage system

Request for connection to a drainage system

The method of disposing of the contents of septic tanks and collection pits

Notice on how to dispose of the contents of septic tanks and collection pits

Hvarski vodovod d.o.o. From June 1, 2018, Jelsa will start providing services of pumping and transport and disposal of the contents of septic and collection pits, at the treatment plant in Hvar, for users in the Old Town and the municipalities of Jelsa and Sucuraj.

These services will be provided by concessionaires:

  1. U.O. LUKA, Luka Huljić, Jelsa - mob: 091/5121931
  2. U.O. JURICA, Berti Plenković, Stari Grad - mob: 091/1766224

Orders for the use of the service are given directly to the concessionaires on the above mobile numbers.

The price of the service is unique for the area up to 30 km from the device in Hvar and is 1,200.00 kn / tank (8 m3) without VAT. The concessionaire additionally charges the transport service for distances over 30 km, as well as special services such as night and night work, transport on macadam roads, pipe stretching over 10 m, etc., directly from the user according to its price list. The cost of receiving and processing the contents of the tanks, which the concessionaire delivers to the treatment plant in Hvar (25 kn / m3), is covered by Hvarski vodovod d.o.o. Alder.

The invoice for the performed service, in the amount of HRK 1,200.00, is issued to the users and charged by the user Hvarski vodovod d.o.o. per month.

Director: Ivan Grgičević
Hvarski vodovod d.o.o. Jelsa

Notice on how to dispose of the contents of septic tanks and collection pits