Transport of drinking water

Terms of delivery and billing of drinking water delivered by tanker to users who are not connected to the public water supply system under the law on islands

We would like to inform you that the new Law on Islands (NNRH 116/2018) in Article 33, in a different way than it has been so far, regulated the supply of drinking water for the island population. The new Ordinance on the conditions and manner of realization of compensation for water transport costs (NNRH 68/2019) entered into force on 11 July 2019. years.

The new law defined two categories of users who are not connected to the water supply system:

1. ISLANDS - Croatian and foreign citizens with registered residence on the island (identity / island card) and foreign citizens from EU countries with registered temporary residence of at least 183 days a year on the island (proves with a certificate issued by the Ministry of the Interior).

2. ISLAND ECONOMIST - natural and legal person performing economic activity on the island (proven by an excerpt from the register of TS or a decision on performing activities).

The island is provided with water supply for human consumption in the amount of up to 45 m3 per year per person with 100% subsidy of tanker transport costs, at the same price as users connected to the public water supply system (price for households) and socially vulnerable categories at a specially set price. The total amount of water to which the islander is entitled can be taken over several times or even at once, and the price of the taken quantity of water is paid to the Hvar Waterworks according to the issued invoice.

In order to exercise the right to preferential water supply and submit a list of household members according to MRRFEU, it is necessary for each household to fill out and sign a STATEMENT on the holder and members of the household (attached, and can be downloaded from the website ) and with copies of ID cards delivered to Hvarski vodovod d.o.o. Jelsa.

Unlimited quantities of water can be delivered to the island farmer, at the actual price of water delivered by tank truck (price for the economy category). Such users can receive a subsidy of up to 50% of the total cost of water taken over (water price + transport price). The businessman will have to pay to Hvar Waterworks d..o.o. the total invoice issued for the taken quantities of water, and in a special procedure to apply to the call / tender MRRFEU and possibly achieve a refund of up to 50% of total costs.

Director, Ivan Grgičević
Hvarski vodovod d.o.o.



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