Mission and vision, relations with third parties

Mission of the Society

The company's mission is to operate in accordance with the Law on Communal Economy, the Law on Waters, the Law on Financing Water Management and the Statute of the company, and the main task is to manage and maintain the water supply and sewerage system.

Vision of the Society

Vision of Hvar Waterworks d.o.o. is to improve the quality of service in public water supply and public sewerage and thus ensure the satisfaction of our consumers, employees, business partners and local communities in which we operate.

Our goal, together with local self-government, is to make every household in the area where we operate a user of our services.


  • Sustainable business of the Company
  • Increase debt collection
  • Project planning development

Third Party Relations

The Company strives to maintain the highest possible standards in the performance of activities in the field of activity, and strives to improve them according to the following principles and values:

  • Respecting the real needs of service users
  • knowledge, experience, expertise and competence
  • openness to the media
  • zero tolerance approach to corruption
  • conscientiousness and reliability