General and technical conditions for the delivery of water services

Ordinance on general and technical conditions for the delivery of water services

Decision on general conditions for connection to communal water structures

Connection requirements

Request for construction connection

Request for agricultural connection

Water quality

Audit monitoring analyzes in 2019

Audit monitoring analyzes in 2020

Analysis of audit monitoring in 2021

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We would like to inform you that we have activated the service of sending invoice payment data to your e-mail address. In order to become a user, you need to fill in the form provided for that, and send it signed by mail to the address:

Hvarski vodovod d.o.o.; Radičina bb; 21465 Jelsa

Fax: 021/ 778-261 or to e-mail address:

Zahtjev za aktivaciju usluge slanja podataka za plaćanje na e-mail adresu

Request for acquisation of personal details for making payments via e-mail address

Uhow much do you want to pay the bills through a standing order, it is necessary that one of the bills of each individual connection of Hvar Waterworks d.o.o. take it to the nearest branch of Privredna banka Zagreb and sign a contract with them. Invoices can be paid periodically quarterly, semi-annually or once a year. If you decide for one of the above periods, be sure to let us know. If you do not expect that there will be water consumption for a longer period, you can request the removal of the meter at your own request, for which a fee of HRK 250.00 is charged. Such possibility of exclusion may not exceed a period of 3 years. If there is no demand on the connection, the invoices will be issued every four months.

Prigovor na račun može se izjaviti na zapisnik u poslovnim prostorijama, pisanim putem, poštom, telefaxom i elektroničkom poštom.

Eventualne kvarove na vodovodnoj mreži do kućnog priključka, što je u nadležnosti Vodovoda, molimo prijavite na dežurne telefone: PON. - PET. od 07:00-15:00 sati na brojeve:

091/ 516-9239 ili na 021/ 778-260; a u ostalo vrijeme: 091/ 516-9239.